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Monday, August 07, 2006

an overdue update

As i've been spending time doing boring bug fixing behind the scenes of the game, I didnt really have anything interesting to share. Until now.

I've been expanding and refining the four existing mini-games, with an eye to adding one or two more levels. Ive pushed back the deadline for the big test till september, as that's when I'll be back in Newport with the people I want to test the game. This gives me plenty of time to turn Visiting Day into the game I originally imagined. Anyway, here's a quick intro to what's new in the game...

1) Story Mode - Allows a single player to go through the mini games in sequence, with an overall score at the end. (100% done)

2) Damage animation - Code which makes it so that when a character in a mini game gets hit, you can tell. This was a big missing component in former builds (50% done, and my job for today)

3) End game animation - When all lives are depleted, a quick animation to show the character getting captured, rather than the scene just cutting out (50% done)

4) Quick time events - something I've wanted to add for or a while, you must quickly press directional buttons to maintain the points accrued, or double them if you do really well. Lots of fun. (100% done)


Blogger gnome said...

Looks really beautiful...

4:13 pm

Anonymous Catherine said...

I love QTE :o

9:46 am

Blogger mike said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:46 pm

Blogger mike said...

oh, and following a friend getting hooked on the game when i asked her to have a go last night, i am now being forced to produce a pc emulated version... so what was going to be a 'somewhere down the road' job has turned into a high priority :)

12:48 pm

Blogger mike said...

QTE is great aint it.

-pulls out graphics tablet and begins work on the promotional material, well, maybe one more level of hitman first (a guilty pleasure)-

12:50 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Yes, yes, manthing... Do a PC version too...

Nice new avatar pic too.

1:08 pm

Blogger Matt Tempest said...

Its looking very nice and graphiccy. I love the heading the tentacle one. Impressive stuff.

6:38 pm

Blogger mike said...

thanks matt, nice to have a talented guy like yourself reading. Love your work

9:44 pm


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