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Friday, May 26, 2006

more details

so, development is started on the game proper... and I'm gonna start giving more detailed info. Here's a rundown of what the game is right now. (sorry if it's written in a slightly dry way.. this doc is actually written for a PR guy).

Visiting Day

PSP (initially) and then hopefully a PC & Mac port

Synopsis of Plot
A small Welsh primary school is invaded by evil aliens, halfway between assembly and reading time. The children must fight off the aliens using whatever skills they have in order to save their beloved school, and by extension the whole of Gwent.

Play the parts of the school's inhabitants. Help the football team to keep bombs out of the school field or help the dinnerladies ward off the aliens with a particularly strong brand of custard fueled justice. Play on your own or compete with friends to see who is best prepared for the terrible future which awaits us. Visiting Day is al about fun, fast gameplay. Oh, and no loading times.

The people behind it
The game will be designed and created by Mike Bithell. The music in the game will be played by indie band Kittyhawk Drive. Mike will also collaborate with other students to bring the best available talent to bear on the game.

So there it is.. I'm currently building rough playable tests for each gameplay mode. I will be honest and say I'm withholding some stuff, as I don't want other developers to see what I'm up to, plus I want to keep some surprises up my sleaves. Oh, and if you don't own a PSP then rest assured a PC & Mac version will be made.. no doubt with a few little multiplayer extras for you to dig into. So yeah, if you want to support the game then tell everyone you know, comment about it on your blogs.. get the word out. This game could be really cool.

Oh... and here's a little screen grab for you (test image only)


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