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Sunday, June 25, 2006

designer in transit

Hello there :)

First off, I'd like to thank everyone reading the blog for doing so, as well as thanking you all for your kind comments. I'm currently sleeping on a mattress in a function room in my dad's pub. My PC is sitting on a windowsill and my chair is a bar stool. Very rock and roll. I move into my new place in September, so life is going to be a little transient until then. In fact, I have no internet connection at the pub, so I am currently using a borrowed machine, I'm working on the internet connection issue, but expect posts to be a little irregular until then.


the game...

It's going fantastically right now.. a couple of major hurdles have been jumped. The first issue for me was the graphical side of things. I wanted to simplify the look of the game, so Simon's escape level became a test bed for me. After many itterations this is the look I came up with.. compare and contrast to the earlier pics..

Brighter, and generally more fun. The scale has also been altered to make him look in more peril. The bright colours also look great on the PSP's screen. The second game I worked on is the canteen level, where different coloured sauces are used to fight contrasting tentacles.. heres a pic of that...

At the moment I'm working on a keep me up level, which makes use of a vertical mode. Code complete, but no graphics just yet.

I know what you're thinking, you want to see the game in action don't you. well. here's some more shakey cam footage of me playing it on my psp.. no more music I'm afraid, as I've decided to wait for KittyHawk Drive's latest version...

whatcha think?


Blogger Jay D Smith said...

that looks pretty good, gotta give it a try when i get my psp!

2:44 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Keeps getting more and more interesting (and beautiful)...

8:39 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Mike, any chance you could help me understand why the f*ck gnome's lair dissapeared? (well, almost?)

5:31 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Ok! Fixed it!


6:03 pm

Blogger Jules said...

Hey Mike. I just watched the video. Impossible to be definitive until I get to play the game, but the first impression I got was regarding the Tentacles; their positioning struck me as a bit vague with respect to the player position which would potentially detrimentally impact on gameplay. Could just be down to the 'smoke and mirrors' of my non-interactive engagement though ^^

Nice graphical style - very 60's sit-com-esque. Impressed with the rate of your progress also. Nice one ;)

5:19 am

Blogger mike said...

cheers for the comments guys... have been a busy bee since my last post... just about to type it all up for your reading pleasure. A fair point Jules, and one of the issues I have earmarked for the 'Jules and Mike Testathon' I have planned :) which basically means me and you in le pub playing it till we break it once i get back to newport. Anyone else in the area is more than welcome to come along.. just gimme a bell

5:04 pm


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