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Monday, June 05, 2006

lucky monday

One mini-game is now code complete.. all it needs now is a graphical overhaul based on the music that is being produced for the game.

One major stumbling point I've run into is that of frame rate. The game is now running at 6fps, which would be shocking on a desktop pc, but is definitely playable on the mobile psp. I still hope to bring that up though, which means tiding my code and graphics up a bit to save space in memory. I'm enjoying the challenge actually, and it's definitely bringing up the quality of my coding.

I now have a logo for the game.. it's preliminary however, so I'd love any feedback you may have. I'd like to say too that you're all more than welcome to use the images i'm posting of the game on your own blogs for publicising the game, or just to show what's going on out there. Hopefully the game will hit local press sometime soon, and I'm really hoping to bolster my number of readers so that I can grab lots of testers (down the line) and realease the game to an even larger audience at launch (further down the line).

So thanks, hang on in there (and Gnome, your video is comming)

[edit - logo is now in.. there have been some problems with blogger]


Blogger gnome said...


12:03 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Oh, and where's the logo?

12:04 pm

Blogger mike said...

logo is now there.. blogger was messing about yesterday

8:17 pm

Blogger gnome said...

I see it... Good. Now let's blog the thing.

8:48 am


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