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Thursday, June 08, 2006

dodgy days

I have just had a couple of really awful days. Having left my mobile phone at a bar I was working behind on tuesday, I was surprised when Jules (a good friend, and collaborator on mirror and entropy, and soon to be lead tester on visiting day) IMd me to let me know that my phone was now being answered by a teenage girl. After a charming conversation with the new owner of my mobile phone, i was told I could have it back.. but have yet to recieve a follow up call. That said, apparently she payed £25 quid for it, and I am strangely proud that such a crappy posession could catch such a large amount on the black market.

Anyway, back to the games side of things.

Coding has fallen behind because of the issues I've been up against personally, but I'm cracking on. I have upped the framerate for the game to 7fps.. and I think that might be as high as it goes. It's a shame, but the games are still genuinely fun to play. I have altered the looks of the enemy to tie in with Kittyhawk Drive's music, and it's all working rather nicely. No new media as of yet, but I shall be putting some cool stuff up over the weekend, including the first video.

Oh, and just for any new readers visiting the blog for the first time, welcome. I am always pleased to hear from new people so drop in a comment. I'm also always looking for testers and people to inform of releases, so drop me a line at

more soon...


Anonymous Adam Miles said...

I'm lurking...

10:16 pm

Blogger mike said...

hey adam! great to have you here

(just to let other readers know, Adam is an old school friend of mine, currently a programmer, I think?)

cool to have you as a reader mate

12:12 am

Blogger gnome said...

Oh my... A lurker! AAaaaaaaaaaaaaah

1:10 pm

Anonymous Adam Miles said...

Hey mike, thanks for the introduction. I guess "programmer" would be about as near to a raison d’être as you could get for me right now. Normally I just call myself a Computer Scientist, which is really just a programmer that pretends to now how stuff really works... 'pretends' being the operative word.

I've chosen writing/designing my own game as my 3rd Year Project, I'll try not to lure your fans to my blog too much :).

Keep up the good work Mike, I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

10:12 pm


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