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Thursday, July 13, 2006

there is a bug in my monitor

no. Not a code bug, an actual bug. Somehow it got in between the glass and lcd, and is now crawling around. I think I may train it to follow my cursor.

Anyway, on to more interesting and dare I say, important things. The game is going very well. The music is progressing, the art is pretty much done and the code is comming together. There are now 4 games (simon's escape, hugh's soup of the day, the b team's header, and laura's test flight). They can now be played in multiplayer mode by up to 4 players, or via a game select screen similar to a dvd chapter select screen. I just need to make a story mode, which my little sister is narrating, and I will be quite happy to call that the initial release version. Im currently having a holiday with my girlfriend, but am gonna go out on a limb and say... version 1 goes to testers in a month. i know, im shocked too.

As for the music side of things, its coming along nicely, with my friendly neighbourhood composer sorting it out for me now behind the scenes. She's doin a great job, and the music will be implemented into the game for the first release.

Oh, and I'd like to start a new game.. it's called 'visiting day spotter'. I'm gonna actively start pushing the game at industry peeps, websites and magazines, so if you see it anywhere be sure to let me know.. to start things off here is a scan i was sent of a russian gaming mag, i made a news story in the last issue! :)

screenshots of the game at the moment to follow... along with video of me and my friends 'testing' the multiplayer portion. thanks for reading


Blogger gnome said...

A most enlightening picture...


3:46 pm

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Blogger gnome said...

Awwwww... you translated it!!


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