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Sunday, June 11, 2006

boxes, boxes, everywhere

I'm moving home on Tuesday,

As a result my flat is now full of boxes, and as an obsessively tidy person I find it very hard to work in that kind of environment. For that reason I have taken the weekend off, playing Shadow of Colosus on my as of yet unpacked ps2. It's a fantastic game, I wish I had access to the kind of team to turn a simple gameplay idea into something so beautifully realised.

In one of the boxes, no doubt the bottom one, is the eyetoy I jury-rigged as a webcam, the self styled 'blog-o-cam'. So no gameplay video today. I'm gonna borrow my girlfriends dv cam tommorow though, so I will be able to post up a video then (with a rough recording by KittyHawk Drive).

In other news, the blog has picked up a couple of new readers (thanks gnome) so hopefully you can all help me to spread the word about visiting day.


Blogger gnome said...

Ok... guess I'll have to wait a bit more...

(taps fingers nervously)

1:09 pm


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