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Friday, July 14, 2006

menu video

Today is media day... here are two pictures of the as of yet unseen Laura and Team B levels (formerly known as David)...

That brings the grand total to four, which is the number of minigames that will be present in the first release. Oh, and by the way... here's a translation of that Russian news article from yesterday...

"PSP: the choice of independent game makers.

English designer Mike Bithell (url) has announced the start of development of the first lawful free game for PSP. Visiting Day is being created using Flash and will be launchable from the PSP web browser. Let us remind you that PSP supports Flash starting with version 2.70. If the creators manage to overcome the technical limitation of the console, the game can open the eyes of other developers to the possibilities of creating home-brew projects for the PSP."


Plus, for your viewing pleasure, a video showing the menu, the chapter select screen, and the laura level.. check it out and as ever, opinions welcome.


Blogger gnome said...

Brilliant, brilliant!

Any idea if Chentzilla had anything to do with the russian mag?

10:31 am

Blogger mike said...

ummm... im not sure on the name, but i'm pretty sure it was a gnome's lair reader... therefore much bowing and appreciation to you mr gnome.

the game is starting to turn up on blogs, game sites etc, so i'm getting just a lil bit excited. Lots of new readers to the blog too, so welcome to all those guys. More stuff to come.

Oh, and following some of the stuff I've read about the game, can i reiterate one more time to anyone reading this... the game is 100% legal, and does not require holding back your system or any silly things like that. Sony are not angry at me (as far as i know)

3:34 pm

Blogger gnome said...

This of course is great news. Congratulations are definitely in order!

(Bows in front of Mike's game-designing talent)

Guess I'll have to wait for the PC version though...

1:57 pm

Anonymous cargi said...

Hi mike hows it going? really glad the games coming along well! i thought it was going take years for you to make lol always suprising us with your talents. Cant wait to play it!

p.s. well done on the press front, i am currently reconstructing/desiging our projects site, once its up and running ill be sure to give you another mention.

1:52 am


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