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Monday, July 31, 2006

the word is in

Hey all... sorry for dissapearing, life kinda got in the way, as it has a way of doing. Spending time with my friends, family and girlfriend is a great way to while away the hot summer days, but doesn't help with the making of games. That said I've been passing my PSP round some friends and getting some great feedback.

Well, my girlfriend has gone back home and my friends are fast running out of money, so nows a great time to get back to my PC and dive back into code. The feedback I've had is gonna help to get a layer of polish before I get my old partner in crime Jules to let loose his incredible nitpicking powers upon it in September.

I'm also preparing for a big website job, as well as researching for my upcomming PC game project and a dissertation, and lets not forget a game pitch I'm taking to a company with a cartoonist friend. Busy days.

No media I'm afraid... but I'm working on it


Blogger gnome said...

Welcome and good luck then...


11:35 pm


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