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Saturday, April 29, 2006

random sketchy goodness

As I'm out earning in my day job over the busy bank holiday weekend, all things artsy have been put to one side. As I don't want to install my scanner before I get CS2 (only a couple of pay slips away now) I am instead using my eyetoy to capture a few sketches from over easter to spice up the blog. A bit blury, but better than nothing. See you in a couple of days :)

i just can't stop drawing these two guys.. the dit i'm liking, the tally is a bit crap... the shapes are too confused, and the hands, well, they aren't exactly brilliant are they.

I think this was a self portrait, drawn whilst waiting for pizza with a few mates. Watching life aquatic... not a massive fan

Here's an attempt at the main character for my website, a fisherman who will guide the player on their journey through the interactive sections... looking forward to seeing him rendered and moving within flash. You wouldn't believe the pages and pages of face treatments I've been through.

Here's another feature of the site... this is a large crab shaped house which sits in the middle of the lake the fisherman frequents. I'll give some more detail on that, and the site's structure, as I begin to develop it.


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