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Thursday, March 30, 2006

uv mapping

Well, after writing up my blog post for yesterday I went shopping, then got on with turning all the dev diaries you've been reading into a document for submittal. It came to 5300 words in total... shocking.

Oh, and then I watched the copy of Serenity I bought in Tescos. It was the most fun I've had watching a film in ages. Incredible, and my copy of firefly is already in the post.

This morning I put together the presentation slides for the SIFE people, came out pretty nice. Then I moved on to entropy

Dev Diary: 52 - 30/03/06
A UV test

Our attempts to get something together for deadline continue. I timed the cutscene for Jules, why he was incapable of doing this himself remains a perplexing mystery to me. After that I put together a test UV map and sent it to the forum to get dave to test it out on the model. Definitely not the sexiest image I've produced yet.

my character background (the close up portrait) is now working as a menu screen, and the level design is comming together. This should make for a very professional presentation


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