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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

charmingly niave


really sorry...

I went home for Easter and forgot to make a post on here. Sadly I have no access to internet there, so wasn't able to update till now.

Once again, sorry.

Well easter was pretty non eventful.. nothing anyone would be interested in. Got back to find the storyboard for the as of yet under wraps tv show... promise to get permission to show that stuff off soon. The next week will be spent on that mainly, as i wanna get some pre-audio work sent back to the producer. I'm also gonna start work on my website. Should be neat, and have some interesting sketches I wanna try out, scans will follow in later posts.

Oh, and just in case there's any spamming, i seem to have irritated another student, who has been typing away homophobic crap about me on a forum for the HL2 project I was working on.. i appologize in advance if the guy posts any trash on here

The title? a quote from the programming lecturer describing my blog.. i quite like it :)


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