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Monday, April 03, 2006

2D forever

had an odd day, woke up late, schmoozed with some university suits, bought food, bought a couple of CDs, sat at a computer... and textured the main character for our game.

Dev Diary: Day 56 - 03/04/06
My first character map

Today I have mostly been texturing the main character for the game. He is modelled as part of the bike, but I want to check he's working before working on that. It was challenging painting texture without perspective, but we'll see how it looks wrapped on to the model, which looks like this btw
(not my work)

My updated UV map looks like this...

I've only done some very vague shading on the bike segments, as I'm a bit shakey on what's what... fingers crossed this'll look nice on the model, and we can work out where to go from there.

More thoughts and pics when I have them :)


Blogger gnome said...

It's getting really interesting you know...
P.S. Don't hate Sundays. Sundays are ok. Mondays are the dangerous part...


7:03 pm


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