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Sunday, April 02, 2006

i still hate sundays

haven't posted for a couple of days as I've been away from all things computer earning my daily bread. Back in the studio today though, putting together some work for the mod. Just a quick note to all those I've got on my list for testing. It's looking like that may be postponed indefinitely now, as even though we have some great level design in place, it is far from ready for play testing. We hope to complete the game, but will be doing so in our free time, rather than as assessed work, so obviously production will need to slow. Here's a dev diary for today

Dev Diary: Day 55 - 02/04/06
Completion on the intro

Today I've been finishing off the opening cutscene, adding a game screenshot to the end, and moving one of the images earlier to improve the flow of information.. the finished video is up on

The game will hopefully be in a very presentable state by the time we have to, well, present it. My only remaining job is to do the texture maps, a job i need the wacom tablet for, so it'll have to wait for tommorow


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