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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

bad blogger

I am sorry for not updating in a week

My university is sorry for pulling out the wrong plug and disconnecting internet access for almost a week

The protestors yesterday are sorry for prolonging my disconnection for a day

So.. no internet access, but plenty of work done... my SIFE brochure design is chugging along, along with the presentation they need. I'm waiting on all my other projects for people to get in contact. Here's my dev diary for the last week...

Dev Diary: Day 51 - 29/03/06
Textures, textures everywhere.

Another week without updates I'm afraid, here's a break down of the time I've been gone

Meeting at Jules', mainly spent the session looking around Adam's map, then trying to get some kind of swarm working in game, as Ed had been unable to do it. I suggested a swarm made of brushes, which works pretty well in game. It won't be done for the deadline, but at least shows we were going in the right direction.

Dave seems on top of UV mapping, and should have something for me to work from next week.

Ed has agreed to try and alter intro hud for our mod

I had scheduled a lot of work on sorting out the texture for the bike for today and tommorow, but due to internet connection issues at the university this is impossible, as I'm unable to get the UV maps from Dave. (These problems continued through to Wednesday morning, preventing me from doing anything on the project

Met with the team in Caerleon Campus, as strike was enacted at Allt-yr-yn. Ed's changed some text on the HUD, but beyond that very little has been done by anyone, largely because of the internet issues. Dave gave me the UV maps on usb memory, so I will be able to work from those later in the week. My task list for the week is...

Intro length info for Jules, re-arrange intro sequence, texture work, prepare for presentation, folder

That's all for now....


Blogger gnome said...

bad, bad, naughty blogger... Still, no one's perfect you know. Watch the Holy Grail one more time and you'll really forget all about it...


9:36 am

Blogger mike said...


1:36 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Nah....forget it, no point actually... ignore...

7:22 am


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