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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Drawing to a close

Hey, well, today I have been getting on with written work, listening to radio and visiting other campuses.. it's all been towards the entropy project. My last official dev diary entry will be tommorow, but obviously I will keep you informed in my usual way...

Dev Diary: Day 57 - 04/04/06
A meeting

Started the day off today by being reminded I had to write a post-mortem on the game project, which I then wrote (proof reading, I'll post it up tommorow). I had a meeting scheduled in Allt-yr-yn for 1:00, but through my own stupidity ended up getting there an hour late, which was really confusing. Jules didn't show, neither did Dave. Adam had done some more work on the map, and Ed had implemented my graphics and cutscene into the UI for the mod. Looks cool, but is still a bit unfair in raising the expectations of the player before the dissapointing quality of the game under it.

For some reason the design students were cross examined by the programming lecturer. His repeated rudeness remains a source of entertainment to me, as does the question as to why I indeed have to answer to him (Barry is the lecturer who is responsible for me and my grade, and if he likes my work I don't honestly care what Mike's opinion is).

Also I found out today that our programmers keep on being assessed until the presentation (a month's time) so they should be able to get the bike working in time. I live in hope. That said we are edging closer to a successful and professional end result. If they don't get there it will be dissapointing, as I've invested a lot of time and a fair amount of heart into this project.


Blogger gnome said...

Mike? Everything ok mate?

3:26 pm

Blogger mike said...

yep.. just got back.. about to head over and read your blog :)

5:10 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Well, welcome then... Apparently, thanks too.

7:59 am


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