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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

3 weeks from deadline

ok.. haven't really done anything except the Diorama project today... sooooo....

Dev Diary: Day 43 - 21/03/06
Harsh Realities

So we had another day of meetings today. The first took place in our base room with the design team and Barry. It went well, everyone discussed what they had done, and the usual checks were made that we were on top of all our work. I was surprised to be reminded that I'd missed a job, putting together the spec for Ed to work from in order to make the particle effect based enemy units. I have since done this job, but I was embarassed to have dropped the ball. My image for the background of the options screen went down well, so all in all I was happy with how this meeting went.

The meeting in the afternoon was a very different experience. For the first time in months we were all present at the meeting. Dave has produced a bike model which will do for placeholder, in the comming week I will texture it (once he sends me the stuff I need). Jules is on top of what he has to be doing, dito with Adam. My real fear is Ed. He told us today that he has done nothing this week on the project, due to other commitments, he was also non-commital as to his work for next week. His attitude seems to be going a little down hill, and frankly I'm a bit worried. A key problem is that he rellies heavily on help and advice from Mike (their course leader) who is unreliable, and has very little knowledge on the software he is apparently in charge of teaching them.

We will have another meeting on Thursday at Jules' flat, so hopefully my worries will be sated then.

My only remaining job for this week is the texturing of the bike, which I have to wait on Dave for.

A little bit of a moody post, sorry. :)


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