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Monday, March 20, 2006

bithell update

OK, sorry for the lack of posts... have been focusing on my dissertation proposal (more later).. here's a breakdown of where all my projects are at

Sheffield SIFE
Brochure is done, and available at so I just have to do all the disperate jobs I promised.. problem is that I must do this before I go home for Easter, as I won't have access to the software I'm using. Recieved my pay check today (yay!) and am currently picking out whether I'm gonna upgrade to CS2 and Flash 8 or get a new screen first... decisions decisions

Haven't done anything on this since the painting I uploaded, but it's chugging along, and hopefully I'll be able to sit down and have a go on it tommorow. More in my dev diary tommorow

TV Project
Probably won't be starting production on this for a few weeks.. but I'm rearing to go
I continue to sketch designs for it, this will be a summer project

I'm putting forward a proposal for my degree dissertation, entitled 'Brecht and the Videogame: verfremdungseffekt in the post analogue'... Still drafting and researching it, but it's looking like a really interesting subject area. My hope is perhaps to get it published in an anthology after the exam, it'd be great to have something in print

thats all for today, hopefully there'll be a more interesting dev diary up tommorow on my recent project. Oh, and i'm writing my dissertation in OpenOffice... it's fantastic, and well worth a download. I actually prefer the feel of the interface to Microsoft Office. Plus, of course, it's free


Blogger gnome said...

So, everything seems to be gatting along nicely. Good that is.... But it's Verfremdungeffekt and not verfre..

Cheers! Welcome! Sit! Stay!

10:11 am

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