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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

a page done

I've spent the morning on the brochure for Sheffield SIFE.. the first page is at

I'm happy with it so far, and if I get the OK from the client then I will continue on with it. Not the most exciting subject matter in the world, but it pays the bills and adds to my portfolio

and for those worried about the state of my PC.. it's working fine at the moment.. I continue to play Black and White 2 with no problems. Oh, and Lost Coast.

as for the Diorama project...

Dev Diary: Day 37 - 15/03/06
The mystery of Dave

So me and Jules went to our meeting at the other campus yesterday. We'd both done everything we were expected to... so no problems there. Afte an incredibly relevant play on their VR machines (and much oohing and ahhing) we sat down with Adam, our only member to actually show up, and discussed our progress. Adam has made working vehicle code, using brushes. This bypasses Ed's research, but is frankly neccesary to have playable code by deadline. Dave is still not around, so it was agreed that I would have to take over the modelling of the bike. I am fearful of this, but will have to learn. I've worked in Maya before, but that was a while ago, and I'm sure to be very rusty with it. Thats my only job on the game for this week, so I'm hopeful.

As for the game in general, we now have good solid level geometry. We are also well on the way to enemy implementation, and rudimentary bike code. We just have to pull everything together now for a final product.

here's a link to some level design I cannot take any credit for


Blogger gnome said...

Excellent screnshots, well not yet, but going there....
Oh, and you really like B&W2? Wow....

Give my regards to your PC. Cheer to you...

4:15 pm

Blogger mike said...

i'm ok with it so far, but so far it is falling into the trap a lecturer warned me about, which is the simplification and outright obviousness of the creature training. There is no ambiguity, and i'm suddenly really aware that i'm altering parameters in an AI routine, which removes alot of the emotional investment.

Still, it is rather pretty

5:25 pm

Blogger gnome said...

And this exactly is the reason why the first B&W was so much more interesting...q

6:43 pm

Blogger mike said...

hmmm... i'd have to agree with u

12:28 am

Blogger mike said...

on a side note, a lecturer of mine designed the tortoise creature in the first game, oh and a mate's ex boyfriend came up with the 'if u drink too much u throw up' dynamic in fable... the showbiz world of british game design

12:30 am

Blogger gnome said...


11:09 am


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