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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

the first of two...

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, was a busy day.

The guy from PC world came out, and he fixed the fault, my graphics card works perfectly now and I played Black and White 2 for a while last night without any problems. Great, I hear you exclaim, how unfair I was to insult this great and illustrious company. But wait. The reason for the fault?

6 months ago a PC world technician stole my shiny graphics card and replaced it with a crappy smaller one.

I have no record of the person involved.. but I'm gonna try and track down the information. Whoever it was has lost me a lot of time, and money.


The TV project remains silent, the website is done, and SIFE is chugging along. I'm gonna post two dev diaries today.. one for yesterday, and one later on to cover my meetings later with Barry (he's still 2 people away as i sit in the studio writing this) and my dev team.

Dev Diary: Day 35 - 13/03/06

Today I only had a couple of hours free to work on the game, so I took the time to produce animation for the follower sprite characters. They are 2D mapped onto planes, which move through the world chasing the player. Here's a video

Take a look.. speed on the animation may change, we'll see. It's only 5 frames, but it does the job

Not a lot more to report for now.. but another post later after my meetings


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