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Sunday, March 12, 2006

lazy sunday...

...or not

right.. I see there are no posts since wednesday.. mainly due to a very busy timetable and a still hanging-on pc. I've had to be walked to my uni workstation by a burly security gaurd wearing big boots (because of the snow you understand). If anyone asks me to push an anomolous material into a particle accelerator, or i see even the slightest hint of a headcrab, I'm off.

Well, the website I was working on is now online.. at I'll add a link to the sidebar for posterity on that one. I've had a chat with someone about doing another site.. so we'll see if that brings in a new project. I always love those weeks where you can kiss goodbye to a number of ongoing jobs, theres something very rewarding about a week filled with happy clients. That said, I am running behind on the SIFE work, despite recieving an envelope of stuff to work from. This is due to all the clean-up work on those projects, and, not to a labour a point, the helpful staff at a certain highstreet computer retailer.

On to the diorama project...

Dev Diary: Day 34 - 12/03/06
Working through it

A couple of days to report on here...

Had a busy morning of lectures. Spent the afternoon researching the areas I needed to for the project this week (laid out earlier). Then it was a quick bite to eat before jumping on a bus to Jules' flat for our weekly 'not in the uni' group meeting. I showed everyone my research, which also included a couple of tutorials on vehicles, the main sticking point for Ed, and the now entirely absent Dave. One had already been attempted, but the other, which made use of brushes instead of .mdls (i know, i'm not entirely sure what that really means myself) was a new and intriguing solution to the problems we were facing. We all sat down, and i read excerpts from my lecturer's book to our level designer as I had it in my bag, whilst our programmer attempted to compile the code for the bike he had been working on.

It crashed Jules' computer, as well as setting all his files to read only. I stopped reading, and then the level designer attempted my brush tutorial, as I read out the numbers and code he needed to enter. I had to leave to make the bus, but he plowed on, and it would seem we have a very rough working prototype, I won't know until I play it, so more on Tuesday.

Friday & Saturday
Working in other areas

Got in to the university for some catch up work on the project. My remaining job for the week is to create the sprite images for the game's enemy, the swarm. Here's a first attempt... I've asked the team member's to give me their thoughts. on it before I continue, and animate it.


More tommorow


Blogger gnome said...

I obviously don't know Jules, but you shouldn't try to kill off his PC. Definitely not nice. I believed your bloodlust had been sated by murdering your own...

Cheers mate, always glad to see you're updating your blog...

6:35 pm

Blogger mike said...

lol.. it wasn't me... but one of our evil programmers

9:20 pm


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