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Thursday, March 16, 2006

painting and brochure making

have been getting on with work on the brochure, not a massive amount more to do now, just getting on with the clear up work.

Other than that....

Dev Diary 38 - 16/03/06
Tony Hart eat your heart out

Today I was greeted with the news that Dave has returned to the fold. He brings with him a bike model complete with rider. Far from perfect, but it will do the job. Therefore we don't need me to model the bike, therefore I have needed to take on a different job. I've decided to start doing artwork for the menu screen. My plan was to get this into a HL2 mod for tonight, but it wasn't to be, as there was a problem transfering files from uni to home (where the SDK is).

The image here will be used (hopefully) on the front interface. It took 6 hours, and is the first attempt I've made at representational wacom painting

I've put up both a 'work in progress' and a completed image


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