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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

pc world.. my own personal heroes

Today I awoke to the sound of my mobile phone ringing (the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy theme tune, fantastic). Leaping from my bed I picked up the phone

me: Hello
strange voice: Hello, is that Mr Bithell
me: yes mate, yes it is
strange voice: Hello, it's xxxxxx from PC World, I'm just calling about the job later today
me: Oh right, yeah, great
xxxxxxx: Just a quick question, I have two addresses for you here, one in Haywards Heath, Sussex, and one in Newport, Wales... which one is it the job is at.
me: Yeah, as I said to the guy last week, it's the Newport address, I haven't lived in Haywards Heath for 2 years now
xxxxxxx: Right, yeah, ummm, I was worried that might be the case
me: My graphic's card's 130 miles away isn't it
xxxxxxx: ummm, yes... i'll book you in for another day
me: thank you

fantastic, that's another week without a working PC. In the meantime, just getting on with the SIFE documentation today... here's a logo I've put together for the client, more to follow once i get hold of their typeface.


Blogger gnome said...

You have to love those guys, just the way I love the logo you presented us with...

Cheers etc, and glad to see you back to posting (even without a graphics card (?))

5:48 pm

Blogger mike said...

lol.. having to use the university's game studio for all my work now, my computer is now just a particularly shiny paperweight

5:51 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Please. Do not scorn paperweights. My laptop is fullfilling that role you know...

10:18 pm

Blogger mike said...


1:54 pm

Blogger pruvaloo said...

where in the world...

pc world...or rather 'not where it's meant to be'

11:07 am


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