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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

html is easy

the tech support guy comes round tommorow, so I'm litterally on tenterhooks :)

until then though, a very productive day.. had a meeting with the dev team on the diorama project, a dev diary will follow. I have also started putting together the website I'm producing, and have passed on the URL for a partial build to the client.. still awaiting some more data though. That one will be finished within the week.

oh, and i'm buying doctor who series 1 (the new one of course) for £20.. yay!

Dev Diary: Day 29 - 7/03/2006
Submitals and Jobs

Today's meeting was done without the overseeing of Mike (Programming lecturer) or Barry (my games design lecturer) as both were away as part of a university wide lecturer strike. My group met in Allt-yr-inn anyway, so that we could sign off on all our jobs and work out our new ones. Dave was again absent, and I can only assume this is because he has still not finished moddeling the bike. Adam is still attempting to bring him back on board so that work can continue. This is however a major sticking point, and one that worries myself and Jules greatly. Ed is definitely back within the fold though, pressing on with coding the bike.. a gargantuam job which he is being forced to do alone due to a lack of support from his lecturers.

I have completed the sound dub on the video, a massive job as I had to redo a lot of the animation in order to make it fit. this video can be seen at (sorry mac guys, I will be one of you soon). I also added new imagery, which I aim to add to using other imagery Jules has found, once he secures the copyright on it. I have also organized studio recording time for a few weeks time

My jobs for the following week are:
Research implementation of intro cutscene into hammer, make intro changes once jules gives me the needed imagery. Swarm sprites, attempting sparkle effects

I will probably start work on these jobs on thursday, unless of course the tech support guy actually, like, fixes my computer or something.


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