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Sunday, February 12, 2006

work, save, work.. repeat

the laws of working creatively with a computer

- Do not trust your computer.. it will betray you the first chance it gets
- Do not trust those who fix your computer, they wait for this betrayal then screw you over
- Save every ten minutes to avoid the problems created by the first 2 laws
- Forget the third law at your peril.

And so I lost 3 hours work, and my processor seems to be on the brink.. will have to call for help in replacing it (luckily I have a 3 year cover plan, unluckily it's with PC world)

That said, the roadsafety video is going really well (despite having to redo my work for today twice)... my rocket van is now in space.. take a look

yep.. i'll explain the zebra at some point.

A larger post when I can, I promise.. if i disapear for a couple of days then my computer died :'(


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