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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

shakey weekend

Wow.. lots of stuff to report on the ongoing projects.. I think I'll split everything off into individual projects.. as each has started to grow only slightly out of control. Oh, and there's now a couple more.

Elephant Arms
After having some conversations with colleagues I've worked out a final design for the character, won't be uploading it for a while, as I'm concentrating on prototyping the gameplay. I will be uploading that when I have it in a suitable state. So far I've found a couple of problems with the gameplay design I described earlier, but that's lead to some pretty cool solutions. More on that as I continue to prototype it.

TV show
Heard back from the guy I'm working for (he'd been having some technical problems). I'm meeting with him in a couple of weeks to discuss the direction to take next.. Hopefully with some storyboards and finalized character designs.

A new one. This is my next game as part of my degree course. I'll be collaborating with another designer and three programmers to produce playable 3D game content. Should be interesting, as I've done very little in this new-fangled third dimension. Have yet to meet my team, and it will probably be randomly decided by the lecturers, but I've got my fingers crossed for Jules from Mirror. Our skill sets complimented each other really well, and it was great to work with someone completely willing to tell me he thought what I was doing was crap, and accept the same back. A part of the grade is based on our ability to write about our progress and keep diaries, so expect my posts to contain plenty of detail on this one.. my first meeting is on Tuesday.

Road Safety
Another new one, well an old one really. The animation students of the university have been producing safety videos for kids (think those Hedgehog adverts 'look, listen, live'). They've apparently got a couple left that need doing, so I'm going to help out with that. Should bolster my animation and editing skills, and provide me with a decent piece for my showreel. The money is nice too :). More on that when I know what specifically I'm doing, and indeed if I'm actually needed.

Well, that's all for now.. hopefully I'll have something pretty to upload for the next post


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