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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

work continues

A pretty uneventful day...

Been hacking along on elephant arms. The structure of the game will be episodic. Players will be able to access multiple mini-games that are each entertaining in their own right, but add together to make an engaging multi-level experience for the more inquisitive player. What's great about doing lots of little games under the same banner is that it gives me more room to try out different gameplay forms, as well as letting me constantly tinker and add new content when I get the chance.

Anyways, I'm starting small, with a very simplistic game called 'blending in'. Elephant arms must run around the screen, trying to stand in front of characters wearing the same fabric as the t-shirt he is wearing. Problem is the t-shirt keeps changing. This should be a pretty simple game to build, and should be a good inroads for me. The key challenge design wise was to make the characters for him to blend in with. They had to have 80% or higher coverage of the fabric for it to read well, and for the player to quickly gauge where they should be. I only just came up with the idea of those big burberry coats. It works design wise, and i'm sure will read well with wool and denim, or whatever fabric elephant arms is wearing. Here's the scan drawing, and a flash ink and texturing test

I'll keep on going, and see where the project takes me.

(oh, and btw.. I've added a link to the shop i did some designs for.. feel free to make a poor student very happy and buy 50 :))


Blogger Alina Chau said...

cool design! Nice use of texture!

1:39 am

Blogger mike said...

cheers for the comment.. I will be looking at more of your stuff

1:39 pm


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