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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

diorama becomes 'NtROPy'

A busy day today,

First on the Road Safety video, I've done a couple more shots.. including that super cool rocket transform.. almost, almost added a transformers sound effect.. i resisted though. I'll carry on with it tommorow, hopefully I'll get another chunk done.

The big job today was my Diorama project. From now on I have to keep a development diary for the project, so expect a lot more information than I usually post. The development diary will be signalled by this text...

Dev Diary : Day 1 - 07/02/2006
First design meeting and initial meeting with group

The day started with a conversation between design students on the context and content of the game. We looked at the narrative treatment that Dr Mike (the AI lecturer) had put forward, and adapted and extended it so as to create an engaging experience within the remit of the project. His story was a Deus Exesque conspiracy thriller with two warring factions and the player stuck in the middle. They were the genre's usual religion vs millitary types. We developed this narrative by drawing back to a much simpler, and smaller scale. We decided to make the game focus on the origin story, how the conflict actually began. The overall narrative is one of a protest got wrong, and a city wide riot resulting. Each group (2 designers 3 programmers) will create a small story within the context of the game's world.

After sandwiches with Jules (and a run for the bus) we relocated to the other campus, to meet with the programmers. I got the job of pitching our alterations, which people seemed happy and engaged with. After a cringeworthy 'introduction' excercise, we split up working out groups. Me and Jules beelined towards each other, then towards Adam (who was the only programming student I knew, and one who me and Jules know is good). We then set about chatting about where we wanted to take our segment. We decided to make a game about the person who causes the riots. After breaking up a peaceful protest by throwing a grenade at the police, the player takes over, riding a motorcycle away, followed by a rooftop chase in an attempt to escape. This offers some neat design work, as well as some meaty vehicle simulation for the programmers. We each took our to do list, and went off to work on the game

new tasks set for me today
Bike Concept art - deadline: next week
Pitch documentation - deadline: next week


I'm gonna have to write alot in that diary, oh well, it'll beef up my blog I guess. Heres some concept imagery I did today.. protestors and headgear for their leaders. I thought revolution red could tie together the many disperate characters which would be involved in the protest, and give a sense of visual consistency. Those that are in high positions would wear clothing designed to feature the colour, whilst their followers have added accessories and face paint to create the look.


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