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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Sorry for the lack of posts, just had my head down creating assets for this road safety film. Here's a screen grab from flash of one of the shots I'm working on right now

Its looking good, although I intend to play a bit with the colour scheme. Bear in mind that it's meant to look like a kid's collage.

I'm looking forward to the next shot.. the van turns into a rocket ship, and ever since buying a dvd copy of the transformers movie I've wanted to give that a go. I will have to go source some clunking metal sounds for that tho.. ohh, and fire sounds. Luckily I have a mate at the university who is far better with sound effects work than I am.

More updates on my other projects when I actually do some work on them :).


Blogger gnome said...

And whenever you need play(test)ers you know where to ask... Oh, and thanks a lot for the link...

12:00 am

Blogger mike said...

Cheers for the offer, and I'll definitely take you up on it.. for now Elephant Arms is on the back burner, as it's the only project I'm not getting money or a degree for :)

2:57 pm


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