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Saturday, February 11, 2006

will work for pixels

Yesterday was an odd day. I had a day shift at the pub, so I didn't really do anything towards any of my ongoing projects. I did however take on some odd design jobs from a couple of the regulars. I'm doing some business cards for one guy, and a website and poster for a guy who's running for Student President here at the University, here's the poster I did for him (the picture is a placeholder from a Computer Arts CD, as I don't have a pic of him yet.

The most interesting project I've inherrited is using photography of furniture and fabric samples to reconstruct a coat of arms. A great little project, and one I'm being paid in advance for (shadow of collosus, here I come).

Today, of course, my focus has again been on the concept art for the diorama game. So.. it's time to do another exciting Dev Diary (feel free to just scroll past it for the pretty picture at the end)

Dev Diary: Day 5 - 11/02/2006
A missing picture, and a new approach to Bike Design

As explained in earlier entries, the first half of the game takes place on a motorcycle. That gives us one major design job. I've been sketching that bike for a week now, using reference imagery of bikes from a number of books. Because I know I'll forget to reference them later, here they are

HOUGH, R & SETRIGHT, L.J.K. 1977. A History of the World of Motorcycles. 3rd edn. Surrey: Biddles Ltd.

How Things Work 1. 1972. Great Britain: Hunt Barnard Web Offset Ltd.

VAN DER PLAS, R. 1991. Bicycle Technology. San Fransisco: Bicycle Books, Inc.

Also based on an early sketch Jules did his version, which I have now lost (sorry Jules) but which pushed the design in a more streamlined direction. The result looks more like a bicycle, as the electric motor which would be present in a bike in the next ten years would take up far less space. The sketches which show the progression to this design will be in my final design dev diary, but for now heres the height of where I'm at now

thanks for reading :)


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