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Sunday, January 22, 2006

a day off!!!

Well.. having completed development on mirror, I was left to catch up with work on the TV show I mentioned earlier. I've emailed off some test footage of the main character to the producer, so fingers crossed he sees it as a good start, and offers up some advice on where to go next. Sadly I'm not going to be able to post any more imagery of the work in progress, which is a shame as I'm very proud of where it's going. Until the show is aired I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want the imagery made publicly available. I may show off some work if I go down the wrong alley creatively and it's unusable, and will definitely post some stuff retrospectively.

So I'm left with a day off waiting for a reply. It's going to be great resting up for a day. I'm gonna lie back with a copy of wallpaper* (bought it on a recommendation, loving the work, hating the arrogant writing style, but that might just be the class warrior in me) a few new DVDs and a couple of games. Yay!

After a couple of days I know I'll get bored and start work on Elephant Arms (my new name for the shittily titled 'David' project).

Scanning my puter for an image.. found a crappy wacom self-portrait doodle I must of done late at night in between coding on mirror, as I have no memory of drawing it! I'm definitely doing some sleep deprived design work at some point, my style and the boundaries I place on my work fly out the window when I'm like that.


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