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Sunday, September 03, 2006

progress report.....

I've decided to get more reliable with my posting, if only as a sign of respect to the number of people who have supported me in my recent quest for world domination, and PSP coding.

Today I'm doing a bit of everything, I've been writing for my university dissertation, watching dvds and coding for both my website and the game. The dissertation writing will be expanded upon in later posts.. but I just want to let you know what I've been up to coding wise...
Primarily I browse the internet with firefox. I don't do this for politically motivated reasons, I just think it's faster and more comfortable to use than ie. For that reason the testing of was done in firefox, and it seemed to work well. It was only when I tried to access it from a PC with only ie that I realised just how incompatible it was. The front page didn't load at all, and those industrious enough to get past that were confronted with external links which produced ugly, nasty frame arrangements. Thankfully I've now fixed it, so I know the site to be 100% ie and firefox compatible. I still have to test it on a MAC, not to mention all the other browsers out there. If anyone has any troubles on the site please let me know...

visiting day
Nothing knew or exciting to report here I'm afraid. As previously mentioned QTE now works great, and the difficulty system is now working with all the games, so that you can enjoy the game no matter what your experience of videogames. The neutral difficulty is in line with the beta, with the hard and easy settings falling either side of that. I am now working on making Laura more user friendly, and have started sketching out the designs for the final level.. Rhys' Battle, in which the player must enter the visitor mothership and fight their terrible leader. No more on that yet, as it only consists of some biro scribbles, but more to come in the next few days. The game will go through my usual design mockup, code test, combination and execution stages, all of which will be shown on here. I think the development of this level could serve as a pretty neat insight into the process I go through to design the mini-games which make up Visiting Day, so keep on watching.

Oh, and I got my little sister the mario dancemat for her birthday. If Nintendo can make the wii controller half as much fun as the mini games on that, I can't wait.


Anonymous gnome said...

Ah, yes... things keep getting better and better.

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