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Thursday, August 31, 2006

a to do list

Hey readers,

I've been busy today, having major dental surgery, so no new stuff to report. The buzz seems to be dying down now over the Beta version, so it's now my job to actually fix all the problems that have been pointed out. The list bellow is as much for me as it is for my readers. The jobs I need to do are all listed, along with how difficult or time consuming they should be...

  1. fix the QTE microgames so that they aren't as ridiculously common. Useful for testing that the code handling them was right, not so good for actually, like, having fun (really easy to fix... 10 minutes work)

  2. clear up the Laura game to make it more obvious what's going on (more a conceptual challenge than a code challenge, something to think about)

  3. Difficulty settings. The big code challenge. People who are new to this kind of game complain its too hard, people who are long time connoisseurs say the opposite. As I want absolutely everyone in the world to have a great time with the game, I will make a variable difficulty setting. A big old job, but one I think is really important

  4. another mini game, maybe? I have an idea I really wanna get into the game... we'll see how the time works out.

If you think I've missed anything out, then please feel free to leave a comment, and I'll get to it!


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