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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

only 24 hours....

wow... a lot of things to cover in todays post.

First, thanks to gnome's excellent powers of publicity the game is growing in popularity and word is spreading via some very cool sites... a few of note are (the site for the fantastic British magazine, of which I am a proud reader, oh, and my first backlash thanks to 'chef') (great site... of which i am now a reader) (another great site, worth a read)

thanks to all these sites for their kind words on the game, I just hope I can create something that lives up to your hopes.

I'd also like to plug a friend's new blog, evocative stuff, but parents beware...

and last, but by no means least, version 1.0 of is now uploaded... take a look, and let me know what you think :)

thanks to all my long time readers for your ongoing support, and welcome to any new people visiting for the first time.. as ever feel free to comment, or email me at my new address of ( still works too).


Blogger gnome said...


(yhe site is just lovely... audio visually speaking most impressiv)

9:00 pm

Blogger Chentzilla said...

Ever seen LocoRoco?
Not that I'm accusing you of plagiarism, but really - the "silly solid-filled creatures jumping around" looks similar.

9:48 pm

Blogger Chentzilla said...

Also, you can drag some important creatures so that their signs are invisible. They at least should try to return into the focus.
But the concept is lovable.

9:49 pm

Blogger mike said...

lol.. i admit the look is similar, but if you look back through my stuff you'll see i've been doing it for some time now

10:42 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Aha... ;)

1:20 pm


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