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Friday, September 01, 2006

the most important screenshot ever ;) ... image that will make more than a few of the guys who've played the beta very happy...

so.. i've got back to working on Visiting Day, and it's going well. The QTE issue is fixed, they are now far less frequent, as well as there being an option at startup to disable them altogether, for players who would rather have an arrowless game. In fact, on seeing the above screenie, I think that arrow really needs to be orange, anyways, not important.

I've started on the difficulty toggle, which will appear upon loading the game... the input's working, and thus far it dynamically alters the play of Team B to make it welcoming to all skill levels... I just have to implement it in the other three games... then I have to fix Laura's readability issues, and then maybe that final game I keep talking about.

I've been looking into online distribution of the game (not download, but live online play direct from the PSP, download play will be available from, which I aim to do via one or several of the many flash games sites... not being a big player of flash games (i find my self lost in them for hours when i do) I would really appreciate any advice on which sites may be interested in hosting what I think is the first freeware mini-game collection set in a welsh primary school for the PSP. The only site I've contacted so far is Newgrounds.


Blogger gnome said...

A small thing can make all the difference. keep it up mate...

3:58 pm

Blogger mike said...

yes sir!


4:41 pm


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