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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Visiting Day BETA!

that's right. There is now a version of Visiting Day online for playtesting. Just a couple of points to make before I give you the URL....

1) This is a PC/MAC emulation of a psp game, for that reason the frame rate seems very low. This is because on the psp screen a lower frame rate is neccesary. Also worth noting that the multiplayer mode is designed for a console which can be passed around a group, so no online matches i'm afraid.. something I may look into down the line

2) The rotation of the console required for some of the games is faked with a rotating screen. This will be done in a far more interesting way on the actual release.

3) Don't try and put this version on your PSP, it won't work. The PSP version will be released soon

4) No music, but there will be, and of course you guys will be the first to know

5) Please feel free to give advice, and constructive crit. I really want to gauge opinion leading up to the release, which I'm now planning for the end of September (which will neatly coincide with the 1st anniversary of this blog). I will read every comment I get and give feedback (and credit) to those who's advice helps the game.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, now go have a go at the game :)
Visiting Day

In other news, the site is comming along nicely, the colour scheme has been significantly altered, screen grabs soon... I think I've given you enough for one day :)


Blogger gnome said...

Brilliant and very very stylish... Only problem is that the simon-style mini-game pops up far too often...

1:13 pm

Blogger mike said...

yep... i noticed that.. next build will have that fixed, I just need to sort out the randomization that's linked to. cheers

1:21 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Cheers my friend...

(Just blogged it...)

1:51 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's kinda cool Mike, but it sorta reminds me of warioware touched on the DS, it's one of thos egames you could play a couple times but then get bored of easily :( but I like the style :D

1:52 pm

Blogger mike said...

fair point anon, and warioware is definitely an inspiration for the game. It is designed as a fun lil game for those with a psp and no £30 in their pocket for a new game that week.

Glad it brought you some enjoyment mate, and watch this space for future, bigger, projects

2:14 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Actually I do believe that this kind of games, though unspectacular on a PC, are ideal for handheld machines...

3:25 pm

Blogger mike said...

i agree, and I made this project with that in mind.. my next project, a PC game, survival horror platforming puzzle game :) is intended to have more depth befitting it's bigger venue

4:05 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Survival horror platform puzzle ... sounds nice. Add some adventure elements and a splash of nude bits and it will be a major success!

6:05 pm

Blogger Chentzilla said...

Yes, the pop-ups appear too often, and they really distract from the game. Also, I don't understand what the rotating symbol means in Laura's Game.

And I can't quite grasp the controls in Soup Cannon. Will try harder.

The visual style is nice. Can't wait to hear the music.

How are you going to create a stand-alone version for the PSP, I wonder? Do you know how to play flash offline?

8:19 pm

Blogger mike said...

i've heard the arrow in laura is a bit counter intuitive, which will be fixed. soup does take a lil while to learn... keep fiddling :)

as for psp, yes, it can be played independantly offline, the version your playing runs through a little doohicky i made called 'visitingPC' which tricks it into thinking its on a psp

8:27 pm

Blogger Chentzilla said...

The arrows sequences are especially annoying in Soup game.

I mean - how do you trick the PSP into thinking that your game is actually a playable file?

10:24 pm

Blogger mike said...

oh i see. simple answer, i don't. The game is played through the web browser, kind of like an offline website. No tampering or tricking is neccesary

3:21 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Mike... fame is coming your way...





7:40 pm

Blogger gnome said...

7:40 pm

Blogger mike said...

i know, thanks for the publicity gnome... plus i'm now in edge online... as edge is my fav magazine in the whole wide world thats a v big deal for me

10:07 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Congratulations then (again)!!

12:19 am


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