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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hoodies are really hard to draw!

had a well earnt lie in this morning, ate two bagels and sat down with a sketchbook. My goal was to work on the concept for the main character in the diorama project.. here's my dev diary for today

Dev Diary: Day 12 - 18/02/2006
The difficulty of drawing hoodies

This morning was spent trying to develop the main character concept. I'd got a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do based on a conversation with Jules last week, based around an image he had found. The picture showed a protestor squaring off against a riot police officer. He wore a hoodie which hid much of his form, and gave him mystery. He had a horrible tuft of hair on his chin and a perpetual scowl. Me and Jules felt that we had found our character.

A key consideration was bringing him into the game in a visual and textural sense. This first draft features the white paint lines of the priests who the character follows, but applied in a haphazard way which emphasizes his aggresive and dissilusioned character. I've done away with the bag in this version, as I felt it would obscure his form, but this is open to debate with my team.

Here is a picture of where i'm at so far

i really hate the fingers on the guy's right hand :)

right.. thats me done for now.. I gotta go get ready for work


Blogger pruvaloo said...

Ok random comment from stranger time...just stumbled across your blog, and im gonna bookmark it. im interested in how your games gonna go - im currently in a team modding the Source engine for a uni project too, so im gonna be interested to keep an eye on your progress :)

7:33 pm

Anonymous Catherine said...

So in the game they only have 3 fingers and a thumb?

7:47 pm

Blogger mike said...

cool pruvaloo... i will visit your blog too.. and catherine, no, i'm just an excessively lazy character designer :)

1:34 am

Blogger gnome said...

Perhaps.... But then again you could have bothered with an extra finger.. Or a nude lady...
Anyway, love the concept art so far...


9:21 am

Blogger mike said...

lol.. all future concept art will feature the correct number of fingers, thumbs and toes :)

7:04 pm

Blogger Tom said...

Hi Mike.. I was just checking out your bio and blog here. You do some nice work. Gamers always do well with concepts and design. Interesting blog. :-)

7:30 pm


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