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Friday, February 17, 2006

making good on my promise (soon)

I finished the road safety film! Well, until I show it to the client. But for the time being it's looking good. I will put the video online sometime soon, along with a proper portfolio site. Watch this space.. so here's what I've been up to for the last couple of days...

Design odd-jobs
Well, I've pretty much completed the election poster designs I spoke of earlier, but they basically look the same design wise as before, so I won't post them up again. I'm doing some business cards for another guy, but the meatiest small scale project I'm currently working on is restoring a family crest from tapetry and furniture.. this is where I'm at so far

Road Safety
Done.. Yay! sorry, I just wanna keep reminding myself of that

TV project
I'm in design limbo on this one, watiting to hear from the producer, I think I'm meant to be going for a coffee metting with him in the next week or two

Elephant Arms
On the back burner, but he keeps appearing randomly in sketch books whilst I try to work on my other stuff

Yes, you guessed it.. its dev diary time!!!

Dev Diary: Day 11 - 17/02/2006
Bugs Bugs Bugs

The last couple of days I've been quite busy in other areas of my life. However the key issue NtROPy wise was that of the bugs. I posted my bugs in an alley photoshop on the forum for our team, and was immediately critiqued by Jules. He felt that the bugs were 'purty' but not in any way intimidating. I understood his point, but completely dissagreed with it, as I didn't think the enemy had to neccesarily scream out 'nasty'. We seem to have come up with a compromised design of leader, larger bugs, surrounded by smaller escorts. These are more imposing, but maintain the style I wanted. heres a concept pic.. complete with an early attempt at the main character.. but there is a lot more work to do there...

goodnight, and godbless

ps.. splinter cell CT is way better than it has any right to be, plus it's gonna prevent me from playing Ico for a few days.. for shame


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