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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

sorry... I broke my promise

No roadsafety imagery today, as I have to go to work... here's my dev diary for the day.

Dev Diary: Day 9 - 15/02/2006
A larger scope, a smaller job

Had a meeting at Allt-yr-in today with the team minus Ed. The main purpose was to discuss the project, and work out the geography for it. Jules and Adam came up with an enormous level featuring the alleyways, along with a plaza, warehouse and railway tracks. I pointed out that this was an enormous undertaking, so we decided that, for the time being, we would focus on the warehouse scene. Jules has mapped out the route, and passed it to Adam to have for Tuesday. We also spoke about the challenges presented by the interface, and I have suggested not having a HUD, but having energy levels for the cycle displayed on it, creating visual feedback for the player. I continue to sketch out main character concepts, as well as trying to develop the flying bots design.

The flying bots have been the focus for me today. I suggested the idea of creating an insect like swarm of nanobots (inspired by seeing 'prey' by Michael Crichton on my shelf this morning). I'm going to have to build on it, but I envision a swarm of electronic bugs. They would move close to the character, trying to shock them with built in tazer waves. Here's an alteration of a photo online, featuring the characters, note the reinforcements flowing round from the right, which would be a way of upping the difficulty for more talented players.

- btw.. in a couple of weeks we will be needing testers. If you own Half Life 2, and would like to be involved, post a comment. Also, please spread the word via your blogs if at all possible.


Blogger gnome said...

I'll spread the word, starting from tomorrow, but unfortunetely I dont have halflife 2...

6:47 pm

Anonymous Mike said...

that's cool, thanks for the free publicity anyway :)

3:18 pm

Anonymous Catherine said...

I can test if ya want ^^.

6:42 pm

Blogger mike said...

much appreciated.. more info in the next couple of weeks

9:30 pm

Blogger Tomleecee said...

Hi, I also have Half Life 2, I'll test it if you need any more people?

10:46 pm

Blogger mike said...

your more than welcom tom.. i'll add u to my list, i'll call on peeps once we're ready for you

10:47 am

Blogger Daysleeper said...

I'll test, and make funny bug reports full of witty remarks :-)
Oh and Ill promote the mod in a few minutes on my blog.

2:44 pm


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