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Monday, May 26, 2008

A finalized style

Just a little update here to give people some idea of what to expect from my next game, clockwork.

A small village is besieged by an enormous clockwork war machine, tearing apart everything that stands in its way. The machine is impervious to attacks, until one young scientist puts forward a plan; he will build a group of electromagnetic bombs which, if used at exactly the same time across the machine's mechanisms, will stop it cold.

These electromagnetic creations, each named after a reason for their existence, are sent to a different part of the machine. If they can each get to their target at the same time the village will be saved.

Each level follows a different automaton in a different part of the machine. The player must use their character's athletic and magnetic abilities to get to a target area.

Players run and jump as they would in any platform game, but thanks to the electromagnet in every bombs head, objects in the world can be used to stick the character to surfaces, or slingshot them to out of reach locations.

Here's an image of the game, the character 'Love' standing on the side of an enormous drill. On a side note, I'm amazed that after all the research, all the 50s cartoons I've watched, I've come back to a style not dissimilar to visiting day.. my first ever game :)


Blogger gnome said...

Sounds like a brilliant idea and the style is -as is usual- fantastic. Now, back to work and keep us posted!

4:53 pm


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