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Monday, June 11, 2007

massive media magnificent, erm, mextravaganzer

ooohh. many things to put up.. so i'm going to split it over a few posts... first.. the graduate show...

i know.. top hats and waistcoats.. well it is Britain after all. That's george at the controls (a very talented animator who's apparently completed the game 3 times now). In the middle in white is fellow cgder Keith, who did the trombone playing for the game.

A massive canvas I did for the show, acrylic... below it are some screenshots from the game.

The show went really well, I met some great people and handed out an absolutely ridiculous number of toy paper kits (these will appear on the blog in the next media upload). I got lots of people to have a go.. one insanely cute 6 year old got through the opening section of the game in what seemed like 30 seconds. The gamers of the future are gonna give us designers a lot of challenges.

As for job hunting, the search continues.. I'm currently putting together my portfollio (and yes, of course, this will be available online when it's done) which features concept documents and artwork for Reunion and Visiting Day (some of which has not been shown before).

Well, to keep you occupied till then.. here is the long promised concept documentation for Reunion, for your viewing pleasure. It's really interesting to see the game I started off planning, and then where it went in production. Link away :)

art book ...
concept document ...



Anonymous Catherine said...

Oh my I love the art book, and design document is very interesting to see as well :)

You're work is so amazing mike =)

9:18 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Oh my, think I gotta blog all those PDFs...

6:57 pm

Blogger gnome said...


11:21 pm


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