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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Yay.. just got invited to my first games industry interview... very excited, obviously

I've decided not to write which company it is yet, as I don't want to jinx it... I will say however that it's the only company I applied for a job at so far, it's definitely my first choice... can't wait to go, and obviously this humble blogger will keep you up to date...

In the mean time, is the place to go for my swanky new portfolio in pdf format (this is what I will be showing my interviewer at the amazing interview next week).. it contains the already released reunion concept doc and artwork.. plus documentation for Visiting Day and Tally and Dit, oh, and some brand stonking new Visiting Day imagery.

Cheers for the support readers, couldn't have gotten this far without the blog


Blogger gnome said...

Congrats and good luck Mike. Thanks for the portofolio too :)

6:55 pm

Blogger Serpream said...


5:00 pm


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