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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

and time passed...

oops.. blog, I have neglected you

Wow, a really busy couple of weeks.. the game is doing amazingly, appearing on pretty much all the casual flash sites. Thats led to a total player tally that puts my earlier numbers to shame, heck, it puts some major cities to shame :)

Not that that really matters, what does is that some people seem to have found genuine pleasure in the game, despite the niggling flaws that are bound to plague any student project. I've seen some really cute blog references to the game, type my name into google and you can too :)

So all in all, a happy experience. Now, to find a job. Sadly I have to keep schtum on who I'm talking to, but fingers crossed I'll soon be doing some very exciting work at a very cool studio.

So what now for the blog? Well I'm not starting any new games at the moment, as I've got to focus on finding work. What will be appearing in the short term, though, is a post mortem of Reunion, which hopefully will be interesting to some readers. Oh.. and I've almost finished designing my official Reunion folded paper character kit for the boy... it's a piece of swag for the graduate show attendees at the uni, but a version will be downloadable from the site, so you too can have an origami reunion kid sitting on top of your monitor.

Thanks for reading.. and watch this space


Blogger gnome said...

Postmortem, gimme, gimme, gimme... And let's not forget the PDF artbook...

3:20 pm

Anonymous Tysolna said...

I just finished playing Reunion - it's the most wonderful "jump'n'run" game I've ever encountered. Thank you!

7:30 pm

Blogger mike said...

ooohh.. i forgot about the artbook.. luckilly i've already got that sitting on another computer, so should have that up soon... and thank u tysolna, I'm pleased you enjoyed it :)

10:32 am

Blogger gnome said...

Aha, so, we'll be getting one.. nice!

12:02 am


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