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Sunday, April 20, 2008

another pic

here's an attempt at what the game would actually look like to play... still working out what I wanna do with this one...


Blogger gnome said...

Hey,I know! Make it into a game. Yes. Ahem. Right!

5:01 pm

Blogger mike said...

hehe... visionary advice as ever gnome :)

11:50 am

Blogger gnome said...

It's a hereditary gift it seems...

10:36 pm

Anonymous Dr Haisook said...

Looks good. Is this from Visiting Day? I've been dying for getting Visiting Day but the link ( is broken. Is there any way to download it (PSP)??

I really would like to try that game. I've heard good reviews about it.

Thanks, mike!

11:43 am

Blogger mike said...

this isn't from visiting day, but from my upcomming game 'clockwork'

as for the visiting day, my domain name has lapsed.. i will at some point launch a new site, hopefully featuring visiting day, amongst others.

Cheers for the kind words :)

12:34 pm

Blogger gnome said...

A new site, eh? How very titillating...

3:58 pm


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