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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mike Bithell - professional game designer

So, I, erm, got the job!

I went for my two day interview, where they intentionally asked me to do some design work on a mainstream male teen game, just to test that I wasn't all about fireflies and gesture controls. They saw promise, it would seem, and have invited me back to work there for a probational period.

The Good

The company I'm now employed by is one of the bigest independent studios in the world, working on several tripple A games at any one time. It is a really exciting place to work, and the people there are fantastic. I can't go into detail (I've signed enough contracts saying I won't) but they have some really neat games in the pipeline that it'd be really cool to work on. It seems I won't be experiencing that, at least in the short term, tho, as they have, amazingly, put me on the pitch team. Basically I will be part of the relatively tiny team responsible for comming up with concepts and pitches for new multi million dollar games. This is obviously every game designer's dream gig and I'm still in shock to be honest

The Bad

Well, this blog really. My issue is that as a concept designer, the work I will do will be secret even from most of my new collegues, let alone the interweb. It goes without saying I couldn't post on anything I was making, but even mentioning the kinds of games I'm playing may give me away, a risk I can't take. So, assuming all goes well in my new company, this blog will simplify into more of an online scrapbook, with links to news articles on games I worked on, or things I'm looking forward to playing myself... there'll be some personal posts, but again, I will have to be very careful in what I let slip. And who knows, way further down the line I may make a little side project in Flash, and I can show that off to you.

Many thanks to all of you for reading this blog, and for helping to get my work out there. I genuinely couldn't of done it without you. I will post again, you have not heard the last of Mike Bithell... promise :)


Blogger Billy said...

Congraulations Mike! I take it your moving up my end of the woods? I'm very happy for you.

4:23 pm

Blogger Felix said...

Well done! That's very good news indeed!

4:08 pm

Blogger gnome said...

That's absolutely excellent! Congratulations Mike. Now, tell me, what are you working on?

Cheers & good luck!

9:51 am

Blogger mike said...

lol.. thanks guys

and gnome, nothing till I start next week, but I just can't tell ya :)

11:54 am

Blogger Bread maker said...

yay! well done!

go mike
go mike
go, go, go mike!


1:20 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wwooooop wooop well done mike! you deserve it! i hope all goes well. remember to keep in touch with all us lot. catch u soon :) x


9:31 am


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