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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

and time passed...

oops.. blog, I have neglected you

Wow, a really busy couple of weeks.. the game is doing amazingly, appearing on pretty much all the casual flash sites. Thats led to a total player tally that puts my earlier numbers to shame, heck, it puts some major cities to shame :)

Not that that really matters, what does is that some people seem to have found genuine pleasure in the game, despite the niggling flaws that are bound to plague any student project. I've seen some really cute blog references to the game, type my name into google and you can too :)

So all in all, a happy experience. Now, to find a job. Sadly I have to keep schtum on who I'm talking to, but fingers crossed I'll soon be doing some very exciting work at a very cool studio.

So what now for the blog? Well I'm not starting any new games at the moment, as I've got to focus on finding work. What will be appearing in the short term, though, is a post mortem of Reunion, which hopefully will be interesting to some readers. Oh.. and I've almost finished designing my official Reunion folded paper character kit for the boy... it's a piece of swag for the graduate show attendees at the uni, but a version will be downloadable from the site, so you too can have an origami reunion kid sitting on top of your monitor.

Thanks for reading.. and watch this space

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

and the players kept rolling in...

wow.. lots of hits in the last couple of days.. here are some of the places reunion's cropped up...

more to come... trust me :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007


yay! people are comming to the game, and lots of them are playing it for faaaar to long :)

The game's appeared on a couple of blogs... being one of them. Very kind words, and I really appreciate the support.

Hopefully news of the game will continue to spread... post again soon!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Reunion's first day

Well, the game seems to be a bit of a slow starter... on the good side i've had 700 players so far, on the bad thre's only one online review, and it's rather critical..., fair though, the points raised are all very true. also a mention on, which points to a review by gnome, which doesn't seem to have surfaced yet... hmmm

Anyway, back to the job seeking, and I'll see how things pan out for my little game...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Reunion, ahem, ONLINE!

there it is.. blog it, email it, stick posters in your windows, signs on your front lawn... do it... oh, and play it too if you have the time :)

hope you like it ;)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jobs done this week!

Earlier I bought myself an Xbox 360... now, to justify playing on it this close to deadline, I shall list all the cool changes I've made since the alpha...

  • Sound Engine: the sound engine now crossfades, along with improved audio levels on effects
  • Running: Running now maintains input even after character drops off a branch (based on advice from Blitz)
  • Learning Curve: added some hand holding to the opening section, to ease people in (again, Blitz)
  • Added, then removed a new dynamic camera, it was a bit crap
  • Changed the advice system from the note seen in the trailer to a white firefly, this prevents miss readings by the player, an issue that came up in testing the game with friends
  • Level changes: Altered some bits of level just to clean up progression

The only big remaining job is fixing some of the boy foley... and opening my copy of viva pinata!