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Friday, September 30, 2005

in the beginning

My new blog... exciting

I'm new to blogging, and you'll have to excuse me if I'm not completely confident with posting for a while. I'm a videogame design student from the University of Wales, Newport ( and this blog will allow me to show off my work, and share my techniques online.

I was previously a myspace user, but grew really frustrated with it after recieving messages from 13 year old girls saying I have pretty eyes. That's just weird. I'm not sure how personal I will make this blog, but time will tell.

Currently I'm working on a project called the PixelArt brief. I'm working on a new game concept, the brief being that it must be a calming experience for the player. I scribbled down a few notes in a sketchbook about 4 am a couple of days ago, and will post up some of them shortly. Terrorists fighting in a warehouse against genetically modified aliens is a calming game experience, right?

OK, I have to go to work (a small pub near the university) so will make another post soon... You see if I don't