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Monday, March 24, 2008

new projects...

Hi all, long time no post, thought I'd give you a quick update on what I'm up to... just in case people are still reading this.

My professional life is going well, our current project is looking great, and it'll be out by year's end (stillĀ unannouncedĀ I'm afraid). Game development is a great field to work in, challenging but fun, and I'm working with a great team.

As for stuff I can talk about, in my spare time I've been playing around building a flash physics platformer engine on my shiny new Mac, and have started having a go at some artwork for a game I'm planning to make with it. Clockwork will be a Steampunk adventure starring a young boy with a magnetic hat, with a visual style inspired by belleville rendevous and the Pink Panther. It's a tinkering hobby project, so I've absolutely no idea how long it will take, but as I'm hoping to get a fully orchestrated soundtrack for it (thanks to a very talented composer friend) don't hold your breath.

Cheers.. and hopefully this blog will start to come back to life a bit now :)