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Friday, February 23, 2007

Reunion Gameplay Demo

here it is...

Reunion Gameplay Demo

Here it is guys, the first vid of the game, blog it, email it, do whatever you can to get word out :)

until youtube starts working...

youTube seems to be taking its time indexing my video, so in the meantime head here to see it.

Blog it, email it, stick up posters in your local area.. all that jazz :)


here are some stills to go along with the slightly shody youTube demo

Thursday, February 15, 2007

reunion latest

wow.. a long time since my last post, and, well, the main reason is that i've been locked in my room for a couple of weeks, hard at work on the game engine.. the main achievement being the implementation of analogue control and procedural animation.

Unpacked, that essentially means the player has much more precise control over movement through the world, and a character avatar which reflects it. For example, whilst drawing the run gesture, the player can shorten the line, slowing down the character to a tip toe if wanted, and when you stop drawing a move, the character will actually move slightly with inertia in the direction he was going. The animation is all built from code, which maps the physics and volumes involved in each move. Jumps work in a similar way, as the character shows the correct amount of anticipation for each jump, moving governed by realistic (if slightly exagerated) physics

Full on, I know, but it all adds up to a really cool asethetic and play experience. More on that soon, I'm looking to have the first videos up sometime in the next week or two. Anyway, I'm off on holiday now till the middle of next week, with plenty of squared paper to do some level designs on :)

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