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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jobs done this week!

Earlier I bought myself an Xbox 360... now, to justify playing on it this close to deadline, I shall list all the cool changes I've made since the alpha...

  • Sound Engine: the sound engine now crossfades, along with improved audio levels on effects
  • Running: Running now maintains input even after character drops off a branch (based on advice from Blitz)
  • Learning Curve: added some hand holding to the opening section, to ease people in (again, Blitz)
  • Added, then removed a new dynamic camera, it was a bit crap
  • Changed the advice system from the note seen in the trailer to a white firefly, this prevents miss readings by the player, an issue that came up in testing the game with friends
  • Level changes: Altered some bits of level just to clean up progression

The only big remaining job is fixing some of the boy foley... and opening my copy of viva pinata!


Blogger Serpream said...

May I be the first to say “Congratulations”. Your work is very enjoyable to play. I cannot wait to see all these new additions.
I cannot wait to get my hands dirty with the final year project. Thou I will be taking a much darker route.
I just hope your work will be there as inspiration and a form of acknowledging what hard work can accomplish.
*stops kissing butt*

10:25 pm

Blogger Adam said...

Tempted to start dabbling with XNA Game Studio Express or is it strictly for playing games rather than developing them? Reunion is looking good, can't wait to play.

Enjoy viva pinata :)


11:24 pm

Blogger gnome said...

Everything sounds so mouthwatering.... Can't wait for the beta...

1:37 pm

Blogger mike said...

lol.. thanks to serpream (who has been testing the game on vista) it looks like the game will be out very shortly... no beta this time, just straight to release.

No adam, I'll be sticking to using it strictly for playing.. xna is cool, but only allows you to develop games for other developers. Oh, and I've been chatting with a guy from Rare, who's only advice on VP was to not play it too much, or i'd get obsessed.. really should have listened to that advice

anyway... back to that sound engine...

12:46 pm

Blogger Adam said...

It's true (for now) that 360 games can only be run by other devs but given that the code is 99% code compatible with Windows you could write a Windows game (for free) for however many hundreds of millions of people use XP / Vista and then within a day have it running on the 360, rather cool.

Their plan for it to be the "Youtube of Games" will materialise hopefully sooner rather than later because some of the effects the 360 is capable of is rather impressive.

9:05 pm


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